Faster UI building in React Native.
Laska is a visual editor to create user interfaces for React Native.
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Laska Editor
Create components from mockups, fast.
Design React Native components right in your browser. Edit any prop, and see how it looks like immediately.
Easily place components where they belong.
Using drag and drop, arrange the UI the way you'd like.
Make it responsive from the start.
Resize the viewport, and instantly see how your components behave on any resolution. Test your component on a multitude of devices.
Define props. See a preview instantly.
Easily define custom props on your components, and see what they look like once you add them in other places of your app.
Painless styling of data-driven UI
Visualize data inside the editor, and easily style its UI.
Cloud-backed Undo & Redo
Made a mistake? Laska stores your modifications, and you can go back in time whenever you wish, even after refreshing.
Built for teams.
Design your login page, while your colleague works on a contact form. In Laska, all your changes are realtime and instantly shown on your team's screen.
Integrate with your existing project.
Using our command line tool, you can export anything you've built on Laska to your existing React Native codebase. 

Design the main entrypoint for your app in Laska, or only use a few components here and there. You choose which components you'd like to use in your project.

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This page was built using Laska. Check it out!