Laska has been discontinued. Thank you for your support over the years.

Your React app,
done weeks earlier.

Laska is a visual collaboration platform for new and existing React apps that tremendously speeds up development.

Visual editing for your app.

Gain massive development speed by building your app visually.
Drag components onto the screen and change their properties fast and intuitively.

Collaborate with your whole team.

Save time by letting non-developers work on your app, without compromises.
Edit your app in realtime with your team, Google Docs-style.

Iterate much faster.

Change your app's design at any time, even after adding custom code. Laska is a tool that doesn't get in your way and helps you get your work done faster.

It also works with your existing app.

Traditional app development process









Laska development process

ArtboardReleaseWrite codeDesign UITest app

Finish your deadline weeks earlier.

Designers and developers can collaborate and build UI together, leading to much shorter project deadlines. 
Shave off up to 20% of development time and rake in massive savings.